Program Information

Children's Program

The children's program is available for all children from new born to completed Grade 3.

Children's Program Times

Morning: 9:30am - 11:45am
Evening: 7:00pm - End of Chapel (excluding Sunday and Wednesday evenings as Scheduled Family Camp Events)

Children's Program Age Groups

Tiny Tots (0-19 months, born 2017-2018)
Starting Steps (19-30 months, born 2016-2017)
Eager Explorers (3-4 years, born 2014-2015)
Kinder Kidz (Completed JK or SK, born 2013-2012)
The ROCK (Completed Grades 1 to 3, born 2009-2011)

Special Evening Themes

Click here for information about special evening themes for children enrolled in Children's Program.

Sign In/Out Procedures

Click here for the Children's Program Sign In/Out Procedures (bottom of page).

Youth Program

The youth program is available for all youth completed Grades 4 to 12. There are three periods, one of which is Chapel at the Fair Glen Chapel. The other two periods are for skills. For the skills period, you can choose from 9 different skill programs.

Wondering what happens when your youth head off to program? Consider taking the "Journey to Fair Glen" on Wednesday morning at 10:40am.

Youth Program Periods

Period 1: 9:30am - 10:25am
Period 2: 10:25am - 11:15am
Period 3: 11:20am - 12:05pm

Youth Program Age Groups

XT - Extreme Team (Completed Grades 4 to 6, born 2006-2008)
Jr. Teens (Completed Grades 7 to 8, born 2004-2005)
Sr. Teens (Completed Grades 9 to 12, born 2000-2003)

Active Sports

Improve on your technique and teamwork abilities. Come and explore through a variety of team sports including volleyball, basketball, flag football and an FH favourite F-R-O-G-G-E-R!


We aim to please because "Aim is the name of the game!" Our instructors are here to show you the highs and lows of a well- aimed bow. This skill has no 'drawbacks'. Though games and skills development you will be sure to experience enjoyment all week long.

Baking 101 (Additional $15 fee to cover supplies/per week)

Whether it is your first time in the kitchen or you have been baking since birth. You will not want to miss a day in our SKILLS kitchen! Come and join us as we pour, scoop, measure and mix delectable goodies together, Come... "Taste and see that the Lord is good." Psalm 34:8

Canoeing (ORCKA)

Paddle with us on the Trent Canal with our creative and certified ORCKA instructors! Tandem and Solo options for ORCKA qualifications are both offered. Check out our video.

Climbing (High Ropes/Mt. Moriah)

"Climb On Belay!" Come experience adventure in the heights of the Fair Glen forest on our exciting High Ropes elements or challenge yourself on our 8.5 m (32') three sided climbing tower known as Mount Moriah. This skill is designed for both the 'beginner' and 'rock expert'. Like Abraham on Mount Moriah, our trained instructors will challenge you to trust, stretch and conquer your fears!

Creative Arts

We are all God's creative design. God daily sculpts us into the people He intends us to be. Come and explore with a variety of materials as we create masterpieces of art together.

Digital Photography (please bring your own camera*)

Whether you want to be a professional or just pick out your next Instagram post, the Digital Photography skill gives you the expertise you need to take clear and crisp photos. Learn different tips and tricks that will help you capture memories here at Fair Havens.

*Must bring your own camera (any picture taking device including a phone camera, DSLR, point and shoot)

Out in the Wild

Would you survive? Learn vital skills that will equip you for the great outdoors as you explore God's creation and power. Build your own rafts, fishing poles and try out a homemade bow!