Program Information

Children's Program

The children's program is available for all children from new born to completed Grade 3.

Children's Program Times

Morning: 9:30am - 11:45am
Evening: 7:00pm - End of Chapel

Children's Program Age Groups

Tiny Tots (0-19 months)
Starting Steps (20-35 months)
Eager Explorers (3-4 years)
Kinder Kidz (Completed JK or SK)
The ROCK (Completed Grades 1 to 3)

Special Evening Themes

Click here for information about special evening themes for children enrolled in Children's Program.

Sign In/Out Procedures

Click here for the Children's Program Sign In/Out Procedures (bottom of page).

Youth Program

The youth program is available for all youth completed Grades 4 to 12. There are three periods, one of which is Chapel at the Fair Glen Chapel. The other two periods are for skills. For the skills period, you can choose from 9 different skill programs.

Youth Program Periods

Period 1: 9:30am - 10:25am
Period 2: 10:25am - 11:15am
Period 3: 11:20am - 12:05pm

Youth Program Age Groups

XT - Extreme Team (Completed Grades 4 to 6)
Jr. Teens (Completed Grades 7 to 8)
Sr. Teens (Completed Grades 9 to 12)

Skill 1 - Active Sports

Get active in developing your technical and team-work abilities as you participate in a variety of team sports including basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Our instructors look forward to sharing their skills, drills, and thrills, with hopefully few spills!

Skill 2 - Archery

At archery, 'aim is the name of the game'. Our instructors are here to show you the highs and lows of a well-aimed bow. This skill has no 'drawbacks'. Through games and skill development you will be sure to experience improvement and enjoyment all week long!

Skill 3 - Bountiful Baking ($15 fee)

Whether it is your first time in the kitchen or you have been baking since birth, this will be a fun skill to be a part of. You will learn a number of recipes each week for everything from cookies to pies to brownies to muffins to cakes, and you will get to eat and share them as well. Additionally, some of the baking may be donated to fund raising initiatives. There is a $15 fee per week to cover the cost of materials.

Skill 4 - Creative Arts

Enjoy an array of crafts and creative arts as our instructors help you use your artistic gifts to create a satisfying piece. Our instructors will lead you in traditional camp crafts and other projects for aspiring artists. Go wild with colour and showcase your creativity.

Skill 5 - Canoeing (ORCKA)

Our helpful and certified instructors anxiously wait to share their love of paddling with you. We offer ORCKA courses each week and hope to help you achieve your goals in both tandem and solo canoeing. Key aspects of paddling, from safety and equipment to technique, will be taught according to the provincially recognized ORCKA program.

Skill 6 - Climbing (High Ropes/Mt. Moriah)

Climb "on belay" in the heights of the Fair Glen forest on our exciting High Ropes elements or challenge yourself on our 8.5m (32') three-sided climbing tower, Mt. Moriah. This skill is suitable for both the beginner and the 'rock jock'. Like Abraham on Mt. Moriah, our instructors will challenge you to trust, stretch, and conquer fear, while securely anchored to mountain-rated ropes and gear.

Skill 7 - Sing & Shout, Act It Out! (NEW for 2013)

Are you ready to kick it up a notch this summer? Step up? Show some Glee? During this skill, you will be involved in learning some new techniques for acting, singing, and musical theatre. The end result of this Skill will be a performance at Family Fusion on Friday nights! Come ready to move, Sing and Shout, Act it Out!

Skill 8 - Swimming (Red Cross Swim)

Learn proper skills and safety under our qualified instructors. Our classes are offered for beginner through experienced swimmers. Our instructors look forward to helping you in your attempt in achieving your next level. Join us for a great week to improve your skills and be water-safe.

Skill 9 - Wilderness Adventures

Try this adventure and you will come away with new skills but more importantly a new appreciation for God's creation and divine power. Our instructors will lead you in a vast array of outdoor activities, basic survival techniques, and games that help you enjoy the wildness of God's creation.